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2014 GMRS Monthly Meeting Program Topics

January 14GMRS Rose Sale Preview, including miniatures from Steve Singer. Presented by Larry Heebsh.

February 11Filling the Empty Gaps in Your Rose Beds: Unless already ordered, get started towards selecting additional required or replacement roses for 2014. Review cultivars that do best in gardens in our growing area and suitable fragrant roses. We will include rose varieties that will tolerate more shade than the majority. Also, rose varieties that have the proven capability to do wellin competition. Presented by Holger Petersen

March 11Critical Early Steps For Your Rose Growing: Results oriented spring fertilizing of roses; best practices for early spring rose pruning (will be demonstrated on actual potted roses) and recommendations for early season healthy disease and insect control. What to do and when. Presented by John Schroeder

April 8Composting and Your Roses: Why your roses will do better with soil from composting. Robert Balderson will cover the benefits of utilizing composting for your rose growing and for gardening in general. Presented by Robert Balderson.

May 13Growing Options For Your Roses: How have you been growing your roses until now? Are there options, including growing them in pots? Are you prepping your rose growing soil mixture?  Rose plantings grown for competition versus grown for maximum impact in home landscapes, is there a difference in approach? The experts share their thoughts. A panel discussion chaired by Barb Sylvester

June 10How To Make You A Better Rose Exhibitor: Getting your roses ready for competition. Discussed will be different judging categories, staging and what judges look for. For newbies, exhibiting your roses can be a rewarding experience, as you can learn a lot. Plus, everyone helps and it is a lot of fun. Presented by Judy Schroeder.

July 8The Winter Hardy Roses Of Dr. Griffith Buck: A program on Dr. Griffith Buck, professor at ISU from 1948 – 1985, who worked on hybridizing hardy roses. The program will include roses that are currently commercially available and those that are included in the Earthkind program. Presented by Maggie Barr.

August 12: What The Heck Is Wrong With My Rose? One of your favorite past times is walking through your garden…..and you see that your favorite rose is suddenly showing unusual symptoms! Can you treat it?  Should you shovel prune?  Will it spread to my other roses? Come to this GMRS meeting to figure out what is wrong, what to do, and how to prevent it from happening again! Presented by Lynda Fleming

September 9A) All About Climbers:What are the best and most desirable climbing roses for this growing region. What about the pruning of climbers? Do they require special winter protection?Climbing roses are a nice addition to any rose garden. Their characteristics vary. Some repeat bloom all summer, others do not. Some get really tall, others stay more compact. The take-away from this meeting will provide you with some excellent guidance.Presented by Jonell Newmann.
B)Bring Your Rose Problems For Solutions: People are invited to bring samples of their rose problems that they have encountered during the growing season (foliage, bloom and cane samples). Society experts will diagnose these, including suggesting remedies. Input from a panel chaired by Bruce Barr.

October 8Best Practices For Overwintering Roses: The focus is on fall preparation for the upcoming winter. What are the most effective methods to overwinter your roses? Why the use of foam cones is essentially bad news. Does spraying your rose canes in late fall with something like WiltPruf (anti-desiccant) really work? Should you fertilize your roses in fall or not? Don’t miss this very informative meeting! Presented by Chuck Rutkowski