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2015 GMRS Monthly Meeting Program Topics

January 13:Larry Heebsh will be introducing the new 2015 rose selections, which is something many of us are looking forward to. Gary Albright will be talking about the outstanding growing success that he has had in applying his “secret recipe” to his roses. And, how you will be able to gain access to Gary’s secret recipe for the 2015 growing season.

February 10:William Radler’s top hybridizing expert, Zach Steeno, will be our guest speaker on Tuesday, February 10. Zach will be discussing the latest trends in rose hybridizing, both in the US and abroad. You will find his talk fascinating and highly informative.

March 10:Jonell Newmann will be covering the various chemical products utilized in growing superior roses. It will include how to safely use products to combat diseases and insects on roses, the types of products used, and a review of the various types of safety warnings and their significance.

April 14:Dale Pytko is going to present ‘a beginners perspective to growing roses’. He will cover ways by which beginning rose growers can successfully grow roses from the very beginning. With Dale’s information, the beginning rose grower can take confidence that they will be successful.Steve from Flower Source, a brief presentation of newer perennial plants that will enhance or set off your rose plantings

May 12:Bruce Barr is going to talk about Patrick Cudahy and Cudahy’s involvement with commercial rose growing in the Milwaukee area. The information is little known and will prove very informative.

June 9:Lynda Fleming is presenting a program titled “Fit for a Queen: Roses in Regent Park and in the Chelsea Flower Show”. For flower loving tourists visiting London during the summer, these two ‘events’ are a must to see. You will love this special program!